Friday, March 23, 2007

Someone Puked on My Car

Living in New York City can really bring you down sometimes. The list of grievances is long but for me the pain ranges from early morning scuffles to find a seat on the L Train to resigning to the fact that I will never get rid of the German Cockroaches in the bathroom vanity. It’s a city to which you must make compromises in order to live a somewhat sane existence. And as in all compromises sometimes you emerge on top and sometimes you get owned. Today, I was owned. Parking my car in the street was something that I never wanted to do. Yet, I had no choice as I could no longer afford Nice Parking LLC’s usurious price of $450 a month. I had to make the compromise. It’s been just one week of parking on the street and just this morning I discovered two things: 1) my back right tire is as flat as a pancake; 2) some asshole puked on my windshield. Sigh. I’m going to R&S Strauss for some fix-a-flat.

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