Monday, February 5, 2007

Fartman Drinks my Wine

Howard Stern and his stunning lady came in the other day. Both as tall as sycamore trees. This is whats great about being a sommelier. Not so much meeting the people but interacting with them and turning them on to great wines. I figured Howard to be a wine lover. "What would he like with his Halibut", I thought. Surely he knows Burgundy and the '69 LaTache would work like a charm. I approached his table with the decision already made (in my mind). We had a bit of banter and he quickly said he was feeling a little tired and only wanted a glass. 2 glasses of Cali Cab of the list for he and his woman. Bummer.

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Fartman said...

Howard Stern put my film “Fartman: Caught in a Tight Ass” on Atom Films.

Go to http://www.atomfilms.com/film/fartman_caught.jsp to watch the movie.

Previously you could only see this movie if you had Howard TV.

Check it out!

- Fartman